Jan Goddard Finegold

Jan Goddard-Finegold is a retired, disabled, physician who produces hand-made earrings and cards. She practiced neurodevelopmental pediatrics and neurophysiological research from 1977 until 2012, when she retired due to a muscle disease.

She completed college in 1970 at the University of Pennsylvania and completed medical school there in 1974, after which she spent three years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, doing her pediatrics residency, and three more years there completing her neurology fellowship in 1977. She married Dr. Milton Finegold (Professor of Pathology at NYU and then at Baylor) in 1982 and also spent a number of years training in neuropathology (1977-1980). She obtained research grants, served on national research committees, published over 50 research papers, and cared for many children with neurodevelopmental problems at the Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics. She taught a large number of residents and medical students before having to retire in 2012. She is especially grateful to her colleagues Dr. Robert Zeller and Dr. Dawna Armstrong.