Handmade Bead Earrings

Below you will find a selection of earrings that are currently in stock.

Please click on an item to view options that are available. You have the choice of ordering any pair of earrings for pierced or non-pierced ears.

Once you place your order, please allow at least one week for your earrings to be shipped from my location in Houston, Texas.

Please note that there may be only one pair of each earring design in stock since they are handmade. If you wish to order more than one pair of a particular design, please use the contact form to indicate the product. I will check my bead inventory and let you know if I can fulfill your request.

Payment and Returns

Earrings and cards can be paid for using Paypal (credit card payments are available through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account).

If you lose or break an earring, I will do my best to make another copy for you. There are no returns unless there is breakage or loss of part of an earring.